Pascal Laliberté
Freelance Bullet Train Developer

Hi! I’m pascallaliberte on the Bullet Train Discord. Thanks for dropping by.

I made several contributions to Bullet Train’s main and core repos. Notably, I introduced a way to update forms based on dependent fields, used by the Address compound field (see preview of the Address field in action). In an earlier version of the project, I led the migration to Stimulus. I modularized the js packages and, more recently, made the Light theme work with non-BT rails projects.

I also published a third-party charting plugin for Bullet Train called

If you’re a founder and are looking for a developer to help you with your Bullet Train-based Ruby on Rails application, here are my standing offers with my up-to-date availability:

3 Options, Fixed Pricing

  1. A Fixed Price for Some Features
    1 week of planning + 6 weeks of development and design.
  2. 1 Week, Part-Time
    Pre-purchased block of my attention.
  3. 2-Day Consultation
    Quick help with short turnaround.
    Available early next week.

Option #1
A Fixed Price for Some Features
1 week of planning + 6 weeks of development and design

Over 6 weeks, I’ll build a bucket of functionality, part-time. To determine the scope and shape of that functionality, we’ll start by a week of planning the functionality. We’ll create a document to form an idea of the bet you want to make, minimize run-off risks, do a rough design of the user interface, and discuss the outcome this feature will do for your business.

The price is fixed, the outcome is known, and the risks to both of us are minimized. You’ll hire me to own that outcome, develop functionality, design the UI, and meet our agreement resulting from that week of planning.

There will be three payments:

  1. USD $2,400* for the week of shaping, pre-paid. By the end of the week, we’ll have a document outlining the work with something I can fit within 6 weeks of work part-time.
  2. USD $6,100* pre-paid to start the 6-week block. If you choose to continue with the work, we’ll find a 6-week block in our mutual availability and I’ll send you an invoice for the pre-payment. You’ll commit to some of your availability to answer my questions and to provide feedback during development, but you can expect a high degree of leadership on my part and of regular communication.
  3. USD $6,100* on delivery. Changes in scope from our initial shaping are subject to my consent. I aim to be a bargain for the outcome you’re looking for.

I build whole features. I might pull in other contractors to help me move faster, at my own cost and with a heads up to you. I’ll be responsible to deliver on the agreed-upon functionality. There’s a chance it’ll take me longer than 6 weeks (I don’t plan to), in which case it won’t cost you any more money and you only pay on delivery.

Infrastructure (servers, code repo, cloud storage, third-party APIs) is to be supplied on your end as needed. Infrastructure costs will be assumed on your end and not included in my fee.

You can expect me to care about the UX, the flow of how things are laid out on a page, matching the words users will have in mind and where they’re looking for them on the page. You can expect system tests for the features I write and model tests for business logic. You can expect my best work to come from you communicating to me the business outcome for the customers you serve so I can delight them with what I build. You can expect me to ask questions, especially during our planning week together.

Start by booking a planning week, or look at options #2 and #3 below.

Ask me about next available feature-planning week

*Plus applicable taxes in Canada

Here’s a testimonial from Justin Ménard, CEO of, about us working together on a fixed price project similar to Option #1:

When we were looking for someone to build our portal (where our customers access charts on Ed Tech products), we turned to Pascal to put our idea into action. Pascal understood our concept, translated our vision into an app with charts and a way for customers to purchase a subscription. Now we have a place to showcase and sell our data.

Option #2
1 Week, Part-Time
Pre-purchased block of my attention

A 1-week block of part-time availability where you’ll be driving priorities. I’ll be working asynchronously and will be in communication via Discord DMs and GitHub issues.

At the beginning of the week, we’ll discuss some priorities. You can expect 30% (roughly) of availability throughout the week, working in half-days and communicating along the way. If available, you can also book more consecutive week blocks, pre-paid.

Ask me about next available 1 week block

*Plus applicable taxes in Canada

If you want top notch results, full stack from design to deployment - hire Pascal!

@julian_rubisch on Feb 8, 2024

Option #3
2-Day Consultation
Quick help with short turnaround.

A 2-day consultation to help you get unblocked on a problem you’re facing. All done via async video and text using ClarityFlow or in a Discord DM.

USD $625*, pre-paid. I’m available early next week to help you get unstuck with your Bullet Train problem.

*Plus applicable taxes in Canada

Start by sending me a screen recording

(or contact me in the Bullet Train Discord, I'm pascallaliberte)

If I can help you, I’ll send you a payment link.
If I can’t help you, I’ll let you know right away.

These days, I’ve got answers at the ready on the following topics:

  • Stimulus, Hotwire, Wrapping Third-Party JS Components
  • Theming, ERB partials, Custom Form Fields
  • Super-Scaffolding
  • Tailwind, CSS Customizations, npm Packaging
  • Chart.js, Supercharts, d3.js, Analytics